The Villages Florida Resort: High End Living For Retirees Ready To Have It All

Florida Resort

One of the most famous and popular retirement communities found in the state of Florida is the famed The Villages. The Villages started out as a humble mobile home park of less than 400 units even over 15 years of development, but would be transformed into a high-end specially planned community for retirees. Today this community is renowned for its large population, incredible array of special events and daily activities, as well as the daily dedication to entertainment. In fact, every night from 5 to 9 PM each of the three town squares features a free show.

This planned community definitely bucks the trend of what most people think about when they think of a retirement community. In fact, the word resort is not that far off considering that despite this being a full-time community where people live throughout the year there’s a heavy emphasis on entertainment and activities so there are always an amazing array of different classes, events, shows, and competitions going on whether in the main town squares, at the special individual visitor centers, the fine arts centers, or even individual local country clubs, restaurants, and bars.

In addition to the hustle and bustle that is so readily available here, there are also multiple places that go at a slower pace still offer plenty of value for the right individual or just the person who is in the right mood. The Eisenhower center, for example, holds a remarkable amount of military memorabilia from every single branch of the armed forces and really does an incredible job of not only honoring veterans but also bringing history to life.

The area is also surrounded by beautiful parks, lakes, ponds, and other areas of extreme natural beauty. If you want to be in the hustle and bustle that is easy to do at this resort senior living facility, but if you also want some peace and quiet and some time to meditate in nature that is also 100% available at any time. That is a fantastic combination that very few other places are able to compete with.

While it will not be perfect for everyone, most individuals find a very hard time even nit-picking any bad out of what this remarkable place has to offer. This planned community has thrived for a reason and is hard to believe that will change at any point in the near future.